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Movers of the valley really proved that they are the best in the valley. I called and they said they have the best rates, no hidden fees, or charges. Free boxes with packing and moving and skilled employees. The day of the move they were knocking at my door on time. The movers got right to

I was reading reviews and it seems like Movers of the valley was the best out there. So i gave them a call. And i am glad i did, they made my move easy. The website advertises everything the company does. I appreciate having a nice moving company that i can count on right here in the valley.

I just wanted to take this moment to share my moving experience. This moving company really lived up to it's name. They were everything they said and more. I would definitely use them again. If your looking for a moving company call Movers of the valley.

I was really impressed with the attention to detail the guy's have. They showed up on time and eager to work. They listen to me when i said where to put things and how to take furniture apart. The Movers of the valley have professional people and great prices. In the end there was no hidden

I was extremely impressed with the high-end customer service and professionalism in Movers of the valley. They have free quotes and free boxes with packing and moving. The guy's arrived on time and with no hesitation got right to work. labeling every box with the room that it goes in, wrapping

The guys from Movers of the valley really helped me out of what could have been a bad moving day. I loved the way they were on time and have no hidden fees. The guys moving really worked hard and are skilled at what they do. Moving to my new house with everything ready set my mind at peace.

When it comes to moving, i'm just like everyone else, i procrastinate. Calling around trying to find the cheapest boxes. Then finding a truck to rent. Then a friend of mine suggested Movers of the valley. So i got online a was going over some of the reviews and found alot of satisfied customers.

Movers of the valley. Wow what a great set of guys. They were on time and ready to work. They didn't seem to have a problem when i told them where i wanted thing to go. And put back together everything they took apart. They used every ounce of care when packing. Put names on the boxes and placed

Moving over the weekend was really easy, thanks to Movers of the valley. I was impressed with the guys performance. By showing up on time and ready to work. The movers worked really fast, but got the job done without any problems. I would use Movers of the valley for my next move and i'm telling

Getting a low quote was very easy but choosing the company who would keep up to their side of bargain was tough. That is because almost every company say they are reasonable. Additionally there were companies that were ready to fix up the deal at a low ball price. But at the end of the move

Don't Fool Around!!! Call Movers of the, careful, non-stop action till the job is finished. NO DENT, DINGS, or BROKEN GLASS. If there's perfection in moving, these guys have it down pat!! DON'T FOOL AROUND!!!

It's nice to have a great moving company in Mesa, AZ. When i moved, both locations were in Mesa valley. The movers were very efficient in moving me in the same day. They showed up on time, and very professional. They didn't hesitate to put stuff away where i wanted. The movers didn't stop for

I wanted to share my experience and opinion on a recent move. I was tried of browsing through page after page in the phone book. When a friend of mine said try citysearch? I got online and read a few reviews on Movers of the valley. I read positive reviews and quotes and decided to give them

Hey, just wanted to write a little something about Movers of the valley. I love those guys. They really helped me out in my move the other day. I called the took me through all of the steps. The movers were very nice and on time. So if your looking for a mover go with Movers of the valley.

Wow! movers of the valley is an awesome moving company. They were very helpfull and very polite. They have no hidden fees, the guys were on time, and moved really fast. The movers had no problem with me telling them what goes where and in what box. The move in was really fast as well they set

Moving business are all over. But finding one with great quality and dependability is hard. I heard about Movers of the valley. And i'm glad, they were on time the movers were very professional. They guaranteed the work and lived up to there 33 years of experience. It was overall the best quality,

I had an amazing move with Movers of the valley. I really liked how i was able to get the date that i wanted. They gave me a free quote and had no hidden fees at the end of the move. The guys were on time, fast and reliable. I never have to worry about moving again with Movers of the valley.

Moving business are all over. But finding one with great quality and dependability is hard. I heard about Movers of the valley. And i'm glad, they were on time the movers were very professional. They guaranteed the work and lived up to there 33 years of experience. It was overall the best quality,

I just got done moving, and like, Movers from the valley was the best. Those guys were so polite and professional. The truck was on time, the movers came in and got right to work. I like, didn't have to worry about any of my stuff being lost or broken. in the end i like didn't have any new

Movers of the valley provides high-end customer service and has been in the business for 33 years. They are commited to reaching customers expectations. They are always on time with employee's who are trained professionals and the best at what they do. I continue to be impressed with there

I just had Movers of the Valley help me out this weekend with a fairly complicated move. Brian and his crew couldn't have done a better job. They were very friendly and efficient. The price was the best out there, but in no way did the service suffer. They wrapped and moved all our stuff with

Tony is a very great buisness man. Brian and the movers were very helpfull. The property i had in storage was not damaged and it was in the same condition it was packed in. None of the movers wasted any time and got the job done faster and cheaper then i was quoted. These guys are very honest

These guys were very good. I had a 5 bedroom house and everything went smooth. They used plastic wrap and blankets on my furniture and it was nice, thank you so much. Very proud customer.

Thank you to Frontier Apt Movers for the professional moving services. The movers were prompt and professional. The movers went above and beyond the typical and were very friendly. They were very skilled and good at what they do. The price was right and I will refer them to anyone looking for

AAardvark movers is fantastic. My wife and I used them and they were ontime,professional and very detailed. They made sure our move went smooth with no problems. I would highly recommend them. Being in the business myself at onetime I would only recommend Aardvark and no one else!

We had pretty good luck with these guys. They showed up ready to work, did the job professionaly, even helped with stuff that was not part of the moving service. Will use them again, definitely recommended Tucson business.

We were selling our house and waiting for our new house to finish being built. Our old house sold quicker than we anticipated so, we had about 3 months before we could move to our new location. We called Arizona Discount Movers about setting up a move because our neighbor had used them and

Custom Choice Moving did a great job. I moved out of a four bedroom house and the guys were great. They took extra precautions with my doors and floors by putting down floor coverings and pads to protect them. I am very pleased with the job that they did. And everyone that works for the company

These guys our the best! They move my 2500 lbs gun safe with ease!

I called Jones Moving on Short Notice,because the other moving co. I called did'nt show. I'm sure Glad I Found Them! The Guys where Outstanding,Quick,& Friendly! I'll tell everyone I know about this Company! The 48ft Trailer they bought out Fit Everything in One Load also. Thank You Bob P

They were on time, efficient, protected our possessions well - no damage. They were great!

Jones Moving just moved me here from SanDiego,Ca They did a Wonderful Job! The price was right on what they said.Not anything More.I never seen guys move as quick as these guys.I'll tell Everyone about Jones Moving. Thanks, Ryan

The guys called ahead and arrived at my home within a half hour. They assembled my new bedroom set and placed it where I wanted. Then they stayed around and hung artwork and a large mirror, that I couldnt hang, in my living room. They were helpful, courteous, and a pleasure to have arrange

Thank you guys for the excellent move. I will highly recomend you guys to all my clients and friends. Thanks, Chris Carr

While in AZ from Chicago on an emergency trip to care for my mom-in-law, the mover we scheduled told us an hour before the move time they could not keep their time commitment. This had been closely coordinated with the transport of my M-I-M from a nursing home.A call to Davis resulted in their

Staff was very helpful. This is the fourth time we've used them over the years and they have always been knowledgeable and willing to do whatever it took.

I want to take time to Thank the entire staff of Payless Moving for the great job they did. I am not the easiest person to get along with but that was not a problem for them. I know this had to be tough as I have 5 cats, not exactly young, and I lived on the third floor but by God they did

We moved recently and this company was awsome. The staff at the office and right down to the movers were very professional. There were no surprises and no hidden fees. They delivered the quality that they said they would. Kimberly Smith

Alright this is a grade A+ moving company. This is a family owned company. Their honest about their prices, and loyal to their word. The family that owns it (Tony, Linda, Ian, and Jenna) are a Christian family who love to help you. Their email address is - Thank, and have

I've been in the military myself for several years and have moved in and out of the country and they are the worst out of all the dozen or so movers I've used. First they dropped some items and their response hope that wasn't a computer. When we got to my destination, 2 dresser moved around

These guys are outstanding. They helped us with a move in the Tucson area in 2004. They were punctual, professional, courteous and very reasonable. I could not believe how efficiently they worked. The price was extremely reasonable and well within what we had budgeted for the move. I highly


Beamus Moving was very fair and took great interest in doing it safely. The owner came over himself to see what we had and help us to prepare for the move, saved us money.

To whom it may concern: I am very pleased to recommend you Rosie's Cleaning service to you. I have found Rosie and her girls to be trustworthy and dependable. They arrive on time and do an excellent job of cleaning my home. On occasions when I need some extra tasks completed, Rosie has been

Trying to get a remodeling project done before the holiday. I had to remove all the carpet as we were going to tile the house. Cool Box made it easy they delivered a container the same day. I was able to get the new tile done before the holiday. Getting a cool box was the best idea we had.

These folks have moved me 3 times. Their expert skills, coupled with their friendliness and hard work have made each move stress-free. Everything arrives on time and damage free! I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking to move, pack or organize. Not only do they offer packing and

These guys are thieves and liars DO NOT use them or you will be sorry!

Excellent moving company. they showed up on time very profesional. i will recommend to all my friends

I have used Budget Movers on several occasions in the past. I have recommended them to my friends and family and have always had good results. They provide proffessional services and experienced movers. I would definitely recommend them to anybody needing to move.

I was in a bind because my Movers did'nt show up. So I called Jones Moving and they came out to my house within a hour and they were Great & Very Fast! There Prices were Affordable Not Higher because we hired them last minute. I will recommond is Company to Everyone! They also had a 48ft Trailer