At Yenney Storage we currently have the space you need-- when you need it. Choose from either our A Street Location in Ephrata or our Basin Street location just outside of town on Highway 28. Your are visitor number to our site.

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  City Ephrata, WA
  Zip Code 98823
  Address 434 A St NE
  Phone Number (509) 754-4373

From Our Website

Shrink wrap can be used to protect and seal your boat and/or other large objects. We will shrink and store the object for you to help protect and maintain it over the winter months. Prices vary based on the size and complexity of the object.

Select a box that, when open, is larger than your picture. Open the bottom of the carton, then flatten it out. Seal one of the open sides with tape. Lay the picture or mirror face down on several sheets of packing paper, then fold over the edges of the paper and seal them with tape. Slide the picture or mirror into the unsealed side of your carton and seal the carton's end with tape. Mark these boxes "GLASS" and load them on end. Take a large box and line the bottom with wadded-up wrapping paper for extra protection.