We usually have 10 - 12 scratched, dented and repoed buildings on hand about every 10 days. The prices on these buildings are sometime slashed deeply. Prices subject to change without notice. When it comes to your installation, we are there from the beginning to finish. We will help you in planning for your new shed or outdoor storage building, and we can advise you on permitting.

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  City Howe, TX
  Zip Code 75459
  Phone Number (903) 532-6454

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There are two types of galvanized steel tubing that we use: 14-gauge and 12-gauge. The 14-gauge tubing is 2 " x 2 " and is used for many of our structures. Our 12-gauge steel tubing is 2 " x 2 " and is used for a majority of our bigger projects due to its strength and durability. The sheet metal we use is 29-GA with a premium 40-year paint, but you can also purchase our 26-GA sheet metal for a slight upcharge. Throughout the process of choosing, purchasing, and installing your metal building, we protect our lien rights.