US Vanlines started in 1999 as a tiny, local business. The firm speedily became known for it's exceptional service and with increased demand, expanded into the Long Distance, Commercial, and Storage areas of the Moving Industry. With a forecasted aim in mind and a drive to supply the highest service possible US Vanlines speedily became a nationwide carrier of household goods, office furniture and high value products.

Contact Details

  City Saint Louis , MO
  Zip Code 63110
  Address 4677 McRee Avenu
  Phone Number (314) 773-9200

St.Louis based US Van lines is a worst company with full of cheaters & manager like Mike is real crook. Initially they will quote X number of boxes for the inventory you submitted online via e-mail for a very attractive price. This company will send some representative like Chuck who will come to your house with a yellow sheet & they will pretend to take a detailed inventory. During their first visit they will verbally inform you that they have taken a complete inventory of all the items & allocate/confirm X number of boxes for a very attractive price. They will not give a copy that yellow inventory paper to you.There after they will go to office & remove number of items from your original inventory & also will reduce number of boxes ( e.g. X - 40). They will send this revised inventory by e-mail for the previously quoted price. If you overlook their scam at this point?then you will end up paying huge price. At a time of pickup they will suddenly jack up the price as number of boxes are more & many inventory items are missing/purposely removed. Their billing is based on number of boxes/cubit feet rather than weight & they claim to give peace of mind to their customer before the move. But that is not TURE. They will show their true colors at the time of pickup.They have poor material handling skills so they will damage lot of furniture & expensive electronic items (e.g.Plazma TV). If your new location does not have access to 53 footer tracker trailer then they will simply dump entire unloading on you by charging $75 per hour + $500 to rent small U-haul like truck. They will never disclose this fact on their first visit. Do not sign any paper without reading each & every small line. This company does not have any good credibility & they show fake happy customer responses during their first visit. But the fact is they have huge list of undisclosed dissatisfied customers. Think twice before using this mover! You are at severe risk if you use this company. US Van lines Rating ( 0 out of 10? very poor & unreliable mover)