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  City Hillsborough , NC
  Zip Code 27278
  Address 317 Woodridge Lanes
  Phone Number (919) 942-6974

  • I would not recommend this business

My wife and I were deeply dissatisfied with the service Triangle Moving Service (“TMS”) provided on July 31st, 2011 for our move from Durham to Raleigh. I will begin by saying that the two junior members of the 3 man team were polite and respectful, a quality missing from many organizations that make customer service a priority. That is where my compliments end, however. From beginning to end TMS’s movers performed nowhere near the kind of work we have come to expect both from professional movers we have contracted with in the past, TMS’s own pronouncements about its company, and the customer reviews we read online.

First, I am a veteran, and have been through many professional moves prior to this one, and this group was the slowest I have ever seen. My wife and I did all our own packing, and moved almost all of our durable goods and several pieces of furniture ourselves in the 2 days prior to the move. All that was left was a typical amount of furniture for a 1000 square foot apartment, along with around 8 boxes and bins, that needed to be shipped the approximately 20 minutes to our new place in Raleigh. We feel, frankly, taken advantage of; we feel that their workers took advantage of the 5 hour over-the-phone estimate to move as slowly as possible to fill that time, and then some. Jill Amos of TMS reminds me in her “apology” letter that an over-the-phone estimate is “just that, and no more.” She then writes “If you recall, it was a rainy Sunday, with showers breaking out periodically, and they had to take extra time to keep your property protected from the weather.” Jill, I do recall that morning, and there were no “showers breaking out periodically” until well into the afternoon. Had your movers been on time, and on or under estimate, there would have been no need to protect our belongings from the elements, because the job would have been done.

That brings me quite naturally to TMS’s movers showing up well over an hour late. We were scheduled for an 08:30 move, and the truck did not arrive until 09:45. The foreman, Judge, did not apologize, and when I questioned him about his team’s lateness, he insisted there was no screw up on TMS’s end, and said that his group does not normally work Sundays. This answer was completely unresponsive to my complaint – we booked several weeks in advance, providing TMS with plenty of notice for this job. A sincere apology from TMS’s foreman at that point, along with several hours of hard effort, would have ended this complaint before it had begun. Jill Amos writes that their start time is actually “a window of time” from 08:30-09:00 (which was never actually communicated to us), for the reasonable reason that “many factors can make a crew run later than planned.” What those factors were that contributed to TMS being well outside of their own “window of time” Jill just told us about, I have no idea because she never explained.

I personally witnessed one mover speaking on his cell phone while moving our mattress. I wonder whether the two deep tears on it were a result of this negligent behavior. According to TMS, the damage occurred when the mattress became snagged on the bannister as they were carrying it upstairs, and the two movers could not communicate with each other well because they could not see each other. Jill Amos, TMS’s representative who wrote back to me, rather patronizingly wrote that “with the tear on the bottom of the mattress, they could have just put the bed back together and not mentioned it, but they were honest with you and let you know.” Thanks, Jill. That makes me feel so much better.

I also discovered later that TMS re-assembled the frame of the bed improperly, leaving out one of the legs entirely and not bothering to screw in another. Thanks to the key placement of those missing legs, had we slept on the bed that night, we would have collapsed the frame. The movers also removed a door from a bedroom in order to move our sleeper sofa. This door was just left lying against the wall for me to reinstall.

The next item to note is TMS’s refusal, either outright or implicit, to move certain items. I was told, while my wife was away, that they could not transport my very typical flat screen television due to its “mercury lamp.” I found this to be a bizarre limitation, but this was my first move with that a flat screen television so I let it slide. My wife tells me later that she specifically mentioned the television both over the phone with Donna, and in her e-mail exchange with TMS. The movers also refused to move two sofas upstairs, first the sleeper, then the longer of a set of sofas. No measuring was done for feasibility, and no attempt was made first before giving up. Finally, and this I found almost as infuriating as tearing of the mattress, was TMS leaving the four heaviest boxes, which were clearly marked to go upstairs to the guest room, sitting in my kitchen for me to carry up. Jill Amos’ response was that these were improperly packed boxes full of books, and guessed that they weighed as much as 140 lbs, and a properly packed box of books would weigh no more than 80 lbs. I managed to carry them up just fine, and I do not do this for a living. In fact, that is what I was paying $120 an hour for others to do.

Now, had all the above been done on time and for below estimate, I perhaps would have been mollified by a timely apology from Triangle Moving Service, along with an assurance that this is not how they usually do business. Instead, they were over an hour late, and 30 minutes over estimate. My wife left two messages with them, with no response. After writing in my complaints, Jill Amos of TMS did write and apologize, but the letter’s tone reads much less than a sincere, full-throated apology, filled as it was with dissembling and excuse-making.

A customer looking to move in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area has many options available for their moving needs. My recommendation is to avoid Triangle Moving Service and take your business elsewhere. Alternatively, save yourself the money, get 3-4 friends, a case of beer and some burgers; they could probably do as efficient a job as Triangle Moving Service did, and do it with more competence.

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I used these guys for a small amount of stuff I needed moved. They showed up on time, gave me an good estimate, low rates, and was very careful with my things. No damage at all. Over all it was a great job!