We are a professional moving company. We have a team of highly trained team of San Diego movers, with many years of experience in the moving field. We greatly value all of our employees, and we understand that our outstanding service starts and ends with them.

Our years of experience in the San Diego moving field have taught us that there will be greater job performance, excellent work, and the utmost speed and efficiency, if we properly train, value, and appreciate our staff. In doing so, we are ensuring that all of our customers will have the best moving experience possible.

Welcome to San Diego Moving and Storage, where we never stop in our quest to provide the best San Diego moving services!

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  City San Diego, CA
  Zip Code 92126
  Phone Number (619) 746-7536

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The guys were great and nice, this moving company was great from start to end.
im moving again in a few months and I will call them again. Thank you.

Value for money
Service & support
Overall ratingExcellent

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