WE ARE CUSTOMER DRIVEN: That is what makes Oasis Moving and Storage a great choice as your Las Vegas Moving Company. We are with you every step of the way to doing our finest to supply you with top notch service, exceptional value, and professional quality throughout the whole moving process.

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  City Las Vegas , NV
  Zip Code 89128
  Address 911 N Buffalo Drive suite 109
  Phone Number (800) 663-8751

I moved from a small town, and went with Oasis because I did not have much of a choice with my location, and they could pick up soon. The initial customer service gal who set up my contract was great! Pick up went pretty smooth as well. I have read other reviews about them charging for all sorts of extra items. During pick-up the only extra items I was charged for were, fuel charges (I seem to pay that everywhere now) and packing items that I did not do myself. Both of which was clearly stated in the contract. I had given my pick-up address and destination address with my estimate, and contract that I sent back reflected it. Three weeks from pick-up went by and I had not heard anything about the delivery, except what I owe on the final payment. I then contacted Oasis with messages that were not returned, and when did reach someone they told me that my items are still in storage and they needed my destination address. I was pretty livid at that point because 1) I gave my address, and had proof that they even had it on file and 2) Why did they not contact me saying they did not have the address and they needed it? They knew to call and let me know my final payment to them. I forwarded my contract to them with the destination address clearly on the top, with an addition to the email repeating the address. Then I called again to confirm this. I believe I called about 5 times, with messages left, and received NO reply. Then after about 4 weeks went by I received an email with an invoice attached for a bill for storage of my items! I called then, and someone FINALLY answered. She gave me a script stating that I opted to store my items (not true, even states in my contract), and from the date I resent my destination address would be the day the delivery window started, and I will have my items shipped shortly. The customer service rep kept going in circles from there, and repeating herself. I dont find myself getting upset much about services, I know things out of the ordinary happen, but this one was uncalled for. Mind you, I am now 5 weeks from the pick up day and my delivery window was 1-18 days. If there were a problem SOME communication back from this company could have solved it. Update: I have know received my items on the very last day of the second delivery window. Delivery went as smooth as pick up did once they were here. There drivers and staff are friendly and work hard. Overall the biggest problem I had with them was the customer service and no communication once they had possession of my items. Unfortunatly, thats the scary part when its your stuff.

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the movers that came to pick up my furnishings. They took the time to sit down and talk with me about everything they were going to be doing, each step of the way. When they wrapped my furniture, they took extra special care in blanket wrapping and shrink wrapping on top of it. They even took the time to disassemble my kitchen table. I have moved previously with other major moving companies, and they did not take the pride in their work, and consideration for the customer like Oasis Moving does. Another thing that I did like is that you don't hire outside helpers upon pick-up and delivery. As he explained to me they don't like having strangers coming into someones home. They made me feel that I was part of their moving family. You can rest assured that I would highly recommend Oasis Moving and Storage to anyone that I know that may be moving. My experience with this company has made me feel more at ease with this move. Thank you so much for all your help, and taking the time to answer any and all questions that I had concerning my move to FL. Sincerely, Roberta J. Creamer