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It was like watching a five-star movie! We eventually decided to dress and join the small group on the street, and were there when the lights went back on. I would never have believed we could stay awake that long. We can't imagine how much work and effort, organization and co-operation went into this project. It seemed seamless to us. It was rewarding for us to see the loaded vessel sail into the daylight; an experience we never forget. On behalf of Catalyst Paper I would like to express our sincere appreciation of Nickel Bros contribution to the Project.

Engineering and construction firms regularly count on Nickel Bros with their most technical structural moving projects. Our history of engineering and advising on some of the most complex structural moves in North America adds peace of mind of complex house lifts and house moves. Nickel Bros has decades-long experience working with real-world engineering for structural moving and lifting. Our site visits and detailed estimates are all no-cost and no-pressure. Contact us for more information. Feel free to reach out and discuss your potential project.

For over 60 years, Nickel Bros has been the Pacific Northwest's largest and most trusted house moving company. The company's history of excellence is based on strong commitment to our customers and employees. Teamwork has been a vital part of Nickel Bros' success, with our engineering, operations, and permitting departments working diligently together to provide safe, efficient solutions for every house lifting or house moving challenge. Our customers enjoy peace of mind-knowing that their project will benefit from our experience, safety record, permitting proficiency, and logistics expertise.

Tired of banging your head because you have a low basement or crawl space? Looking for more space to live but do not want to build an extension that takes away backyard space? Tired of paying high floor insurance premiums? Don't move out. If you are considering a house extension, a better opinion may be to raise your house and put in a new floor. Raising your home can allow you to increase the height of your basement ceiling or create a new full basement from a crawl space. These and other methods could be the most cost effective ways to double the square footage of your home.

The land that the house is on is zoned (or recently re-zoned) for another use such as multi-family or commercial use. Perhaps, customers have noticed a sign in their neighborhood that a certain house is going to be demolished and they decide to move the house to their own lot. Some land owners find that by moving a house sideways or backwards on their lot, they can make room for another house or a lot subdivision ("short plat"). Often in these cases they find that they can sell the newly-created second lot at a price that gives them the needed funds to move and restore the original home with money or equity left over.

There are a lot of moving parts with what we do at Nickel Bros. Below are many of the frequently asked questions we are asked by clients and potential clients. Should you have any further questions or are interested in speaking with us directly, please give us a call; we would love to hear from you! Our listed prices includes the purchase of the house, the moving of it, the sales fee and the lowering of the house. There can be extra charges for delivery based on the location. Most houses are priced for a local delivery.

At Nickel Bros, we make each day count because there are people are counting on us. We're involved in some of the largest and most innovative structural moving projects in the world. It is our goal to help people grow, so let's go, grow with us! From class 1 drivers and crane operators to heavy equipment mechanics, field engineers and surveyors to hazard analysts and safety professionals, expert structural movers to straight out of high school labour positions. Nickel Bros provides an incredible range of opportunities.