We offer flat rate packages or hourly services. You can select the service that fits your needs and budget. You can request to be unpacked and organized only or unpackd, organized and have the entire home decorated (furniture arranged, all artwork hung and completely accessorized).

We have 20 Move 'N Mavens ready to handle your special requests and the only company that boasts of having Angie's List leading Interior Decorator, Diane Haignere, on board! How sweet it is to be in full control of your move and have the best professionals do all your work for you. Our Move 'N Mavens look forward to serving hou.

Finally, a new way to move: Peaceful, Tranquil and Exciting!

Serviced Areas

  • Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky

Payment Options

  • Money Orders, Personal Checks

Contact Details

  City Columbus, OH
  Phone Number (614) 505-0255
  Fax 614-888-9194

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from Marci Ingram

Thank you so much for moving our kids into their new homes. They are both singing your praises. You and your team were true to your word that the family would be unpacked, organized and decorated within 48 hours. We are so pleased to see our busy kids happy and settled so quickly. It has taken a load off their shoulders and ours! I will be thrilled to recommend your service to others!

Testimonial from Cathy Rice

What an amazing helpful service. It was so nice to have the house unpacked and ready to go in 2 days without being too tired to enjoy it! After the initial panic of watching others unpack our stuff ( and doing what I should be doing) it was an absolute relief to have everything done and ready to go. It didn't take the usual weeks of unpacking and I wasn't totally exhausted in the process.

We used Diane's service called "Move 'n Designs". It is an unpacking, organizing and decorating service wrapped up into one. We were moving into a fairly large home, and neither my wife nor I have the time, inclination or skill to unpack and set up the house. Diane and her seven coworkers descended upon us the day after the move. They took the priorities of the kitchen, our son's and daughter's rooms as top priority and tackled them during their first day.

Also the guest bedroom, dining room and two baths. On the second day, they undertook the master bedroom, shared office(kids and wife), master bedroom, living room, screened porch, entry, other baths and second floor hall. They also hung all of our art and photos. All drawers and cabinets were neatly labeled with post-it notes. Having Diane's crew empty the boxes and organize the home was a huge help. She has a great sense of style and the furniture, rugs, lamps and artwork was all laid out with a flair and sense of who we are.

Diane did an early walk through of our old house to understand how we live and what we have. She then did a second walk through of the new house to she could plan out her thoughts for the new home. The active process took two full days of work. At the end of the time we had an organized, decorated home. The ladies were fun to be around and approached their work with a joy and energy that made the whole process pleasant and very much worth the investment. Keep up the great work! A brilliant service concept!