Designed for the IT client, including industry business partners, solution integrators, manufacturers and their end users, IT Moving and Storage Solutions is a moving firm broker which supplies an easy, one-stop nationwide service for the moving, storing and disposing of information technology equipment.

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Whether you are planning an IT relocation down the hall or require your entire data center to be moved across the country, how do you make sure that your equipment is handled with the proper care and coordinated by a moving company you can trust? Why should you face this challenge alone when you can tap into the proven ITMASS network that can assist you on this next IT move. With ITMASS, we offer these one - stop shopping shipping services to assist you with your IT logistic needs. Moving: There are many moving companies in the world, but who can you trust to move IT equipment?

ITMASS was specifically designed to cater to the demands of the IT Industry. Our one-stop service allows us to assist the IT business partner, reseller/remarketer, manufacturer or end user customer with a variety of logistic and disposal options on a national and international scale. Whether you are looking for a temporary storage facility to hold your customer's equipment or move IT equipment across the country, ITMASS is here to assist. Need to clear out old IT equipment to free up some office space?

The IT industry faces many challenges with delivering computer computer equipment to customers. Many times a customer's data center might not be ready to accept the equipment and the customer might not have a warehouse to facilitate this storage requirement. Other times, a customer might not yet have final approval to purchase the computer equipment which is ready to ship from the manufacturer. In these situations, sending computer equipment directly to the customer would be a bad business decision which could impact the security of the computer equipment or perhaps impact the motivation of the customer to pay.