Moving a house can not only save you money, but it is environmentally friendly as well. According to the International Association of Structural Movers March 2005 publication of Structural Mover, it was estimated that more than fifty,000 structures are moved annually and [that] saves an estimated 5,000,000 cubic yards of landfill space and over 2.5 million trees!

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Goodwin House Moving is a family owned business that has been around since 1930. We are in our fifth generation, with the sixth anxiously awaiting to grow up and be a house mover too. Our equipment is well maintained, modern and reliable so you have the security of knowing that your structure is being moved with over 80 years of experience and knowledge using today's technology. We have moved - wood frame homes, log homes, cement structures, brick homes, historical buildings, barns, sheds, cement stave silos, tanks, all glass green houses, grain bins and masonry structures.

Goodwin House Moving has been in the moving business since 1936. We have moved brick and wood frame houses, modular homes, historic buildings, churches, portable classrooms, barns, pole buildings, large garages, an all glass greenhouse, airport hangars, an airport terminal building and over-sized machinery and equipment. Did you ever wish you had more living space? Is your house sitting on a slab, crawlspace, or old crumbling foundation? Is your house or cabin in a flood plain? We can help. We can raise your house and remove the old foundation or add a new basement.

This is a helpful article that sets out some of the things that need to be considered when you are thinking about moving a home. It provides a good reference and will help you determine if a house move is even feasible.

Wish you had more space but don't want a new house? This is something that Goodwin House Moving can help you accomplish. Resize your current home and add another level. We can raise your house while another level is built, then set your home on the new level, creating a beautiful two story house from a simple ranch. The houses pictured below are the same house. It started out as you see it in Example 2. The picture in Example 1 shows the house after it was relocated to a nicer location and expanded to include a walkout basement.

I would be remiss if I did not extend a personal thank you to you for the tremendously difficult and well done job you and your team have done in moving our house. It has been quite the adventure and the next six months require the work of others, but you have completed a fine project. For many years, your workmanship will be a lesson, and excellent example, to our children. We hope it will inspire them to always work heartily, as if they are working for the Lord. Thank you for your diligence. You have been a pleasure.

Sometimes just redoing the foundation of a home can increase it's value as well as improve it's appearance. Goodwin House Moving can raise your home while the old foundation is demolished and a new one is rebuilt. In this case, a new foundation was poured that allowed not only for a nice appearance to the home, but also a deck to be added. It's the same house with a new look!

Do I have to move everything out of my house before it is moved? No, however you may want to lay down anything that is tipsy inside the house, as a precautionary. We do have the equipment to slightly lean away from obstacles such as mail boxes, signs, bridges. How much does it cost? By giving us a few quick answers, (such as filling out the estimates page, ) we could give you a ball park amount. The type and size of the house, how far it will be moved, all make a difference on the cost. Do you have to remove the chimney or fire place?

You can transform an ordinary basement into a spectacular living area. While Goodwin House Moving doesn't do concrete work for a new basement or foundation, we have many concrete companies that we work with, and we would be happy to give you some recommendations to help you out.