Have fun, but be safe: Use an experienced guide! Rick Fretter's Nashville Piano Room is the temporary abode of quality experienced pianos searching for a nice home. We'll aid you select a piano that works for your requirements and budget. But it does not have to become one of ours. We'll aid you evaluate used pianos you are considering.

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  City Nashville, TN
  Zip Code 37216
  Phone Number (615) 227-3062

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Fretter's Piano Service is your destination for a wide variety of piano services from, piano moving, piano rental, piano tuning, appraisals, storage and so much more in the Nashville, TN area. For over 35 years we've provided exceptional service to hundreds of satisfied customers. Whether you need a simple tuning job or you're looking to purchase or rent a piano, we've got you covered. Call us at 615-227-3062 today. FPS originated in 1984 by Rick Fretter following a 10-year career in musical performance.

Piano storage charges are to be paid in advance on a quarterly basis. Pianos having unpaid storage charges after 6 months are to be considered property of Fretter's Piano Svc./a.k.a. The Nashville Piano Room and are subject to sale. Using the "Basic Listing Option", you are choosing to handle conversations with potential buyers, concerning your piano-sale on your own. With this option we would put your chosen contact information on the web site with the pictures of the piano, & pricing info. Interested clients would then contact you directly about your instrument.

Fretter's Piano Service will store safely store your piano at an affordable rate. Our storage facility is climate controlled and close to downtown Nashville. We are piano experts, so you can rest easy knowing your piano is being properly cared for while in storage with Fretter's Piano Service. Call 615-227-3062 today for piano storage.

If you need to have your piano appraised, Fretter's Piano Service can help. Whether you need to establish the piano's value for resale or for estate purposes, you can count on our professional appraisal process. Depending on your need for appraisal, the process can differ. Please call us at 615-227-3062 to schedule a piano appraisal. Appraising your piano for insurance or estate purposes is a little longer of a process. We'll conduct research on your piano and others like it to determine its exact market value, and present you with appraisal authentication paperwork.

Fretter's Piano Service offers local and long-distance piano moving. Our expert team of piano movers are well trained and equipped to handle heavy and precious cargo, so you can rest assured your piano will be well taken care of. There are a few things we need to know to get your quote started, and some additional information that will make our move easier and more efficient for you. Call us at 615-227-3062 for your piano moving estimate. The best way for our team to move your piano is to back our truck right up to the door where the piano will exit.

Fretter's Piano Service has rented pianos for numerous events over the years here in Nashville. We rent all types of pianos for all occasions including weddings, concerts, parties, videos, hotels and more. If it's not here when you ask, we'll help you find it. The Nashville Piano Room viewings are located at 4000 Gallatin Pike, Nashville, TN 37216, which is listed as ET Market: a convenient store on the corner of Ardee Ave. The location is at the rear end of the parking lot on the side facing Ardee Ave.

The less casual pianist at home usually can do alright with tuning once a year however, when they air-conditioning goes off and the heat comes on, the piano goes through some significant upheaval. As well the reverse is true so you will have the most consistent result by correcting the tuning on your piano after the two major seasonal changes. If you wait until December and then until June you can beat the worst of your tuning issues due to seasonal change. Older pianos are of course more apt to require repair though a lot of these are just reasonable wear & tear like replacing the brakes or tires on your car.