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Advanced Storage Technology can help you put together answers to these questions, so that you get the best possible solution for your salt storage needs. Our salt storage buildings are designed around the Hi-Arch Gambrel™ truss system, which gives you at least 30' interior clearance so you can dump salt directly inside the building, using sturdy timber construction for structural strength and longevity. Many sizes and features and layout options can be tailored to your needs. We work with state, county and local officials, consultants, and private enterprise.

The Hi-Arch Gambrel™ is a complete, permanent, and economical building designed specifically for sand and salt storage. It has been proven for over 30 years to meet the storage and operational needs of hundreds of communities, counties, state agencies, and other clients who need a salt storage building.

The Hi-Arch Gambrel™ building was originally designed for a community that wanted a salt storage building with enough clearance that tractor-trailers delivering salt could dump their loads directly inside (instead of dumping it outside where it could be exposed to weather, and would have to be pushed in). They also wanted a rectangular, corrosion resistant building or salt shed that would be strong enough to stand up to salt loads and loader impact. It couldn't have any interior supports that trucks and loaders could bump into.

Comparing buildings in terms of cost per ton stored will give you a better idea of the best value for your money.

Creates separation between piles of salt and mix or other materials; many owners also use space between piles for dumping, mixing and loading. Open lean-to provides covered storage for spreaders and other valuable equipment and supplies. Protecting your equipment can save you money on capital expenditures. Enclosed lean-to can serve as secure storage, crew shelter, shop, or satellite office.

Hundreds of counties and municipalities have constructed the Hi-Arch Gambrel since 1980; many counties, in particular, have been repeat clients. Ask us for references to facilities near to you geographically, and/or similar to your needs in size and features.

Do you need to store less than 500 tons of material? We have also developed a building to meet smaller capacity needs. It is similar to a pole barn but the walls are designed for salt storage loads, and the foundation is included.

What do you need to include when you are planning your budget? Here are some basic items that are part of most projects. There may also be additional items that apply to your specific situation. Some items-often site preparation, paving, and/or electrical work-may be handled by the owner; others may be provided by one or more contractors and/or professional consultants.